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A programmable video decoding system with multi-core DSP and co-processors is presented. This system is adopted by Digital TV System on Chip (SoC) and is used for FHD High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) decoder under 400MHz. Using the DSP based programmable solution, we can reduce commercialization period by one year because we can parallelize algorithm(More)
We propose a new hybrid parallelization method for H.264/AVC decoder for UHD (3840×2160) resolution on the proposed multi-clusters platform. We used 4 clusters to decode UHD video application, which cluster is composed of functional partitioned computing elements (1 DSP core and 3 hardware accelerators). The parallelizing efficiency is improved(More)
Facile electron-beam lithography technique for irregular and fragile substrates", complementary graphene field effect transistors and junctions via near-field electrospinning", Small, 2014 (I.F. Zettl and William Mickelson, "Catalytic hydrogen sensing using microheated platinum nanoparticle-loaded graphene aerogel",A new near infrared-mechano responsive(More)
For choosing a TAF zone, we need to develop standards for range and location. South Korea uses standards that adopt a uniform criterion for all road types. However, here are some inherent problems. Roads have different structures according to design speed. There is a need to configure the range reflecting characteristics for traffic flow. This study(More)
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