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—Despite the surge in Vehicular Ad Hoc NETwork (VANET) research, future high-end vehicles are expected to under-utilize the on-board computation, communication, and storage resources. Olariu et al. envisioned the next paradigm shift from conventional VANET to Vehicular Cloud Computing (VCC) by merging VANET with cloud computing. But to date, in the(More)
To date, most identity-based key agreement protocols are based on a single PKG (Private Key Generator) environment. In 2002, Chen and Kudla proposed an identity-based key agreement protocol for a multiple PKG environment, where each PKG shares identical system parameters but possesses a distinct master key. However, it is more realistic to assume that each(More)
This paper presents a feature-based object tracking algorithm using optical flow under the non-prior training (NPT) active feature model (AFM) framework. The proposed tracking procedure can be divided into three steps: (i) localization of an object-of-interest, (ii) prediction and correction of the object's position by utilizing spatio-temporal information,(More)
This paper presents a novel approach to depth estimation using a multiple color-filter aperture (MCA) camera and its application to multifocusing. An image acquired by the MCA camera contains spatially varying misalignment among RGB color channels, where the direction and length of the misalignment is a function of the distance of an object from the plane(More)