Sangjin Hong

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In this paper, we present a database management scheme for an intelligent surveillance system utilizing multiple visual sensors and RFID readers. The objects are tracked and identified by multiple visual sensors and RFID readers. We define three different types of data structure to consistently store data for effective data storage. They contain global(More)
The mitochondrial ATP synthase is a membrane protein complex which couples the proton gradient across the mitochondrial inner membrane to the synthesis of ATP from ADP+Pi. The complex is composed of essential subunits for its motor functions and supernumerary subunits, the roles of which remain to be elucidated. Subunits g and A6L are supernumerary(More)
ATP synthases are motor complexes comprised of F0 and F1 parts that couple the proton gradient across the membrane to the synthesis of ATP by rotary catalysis. Although a great deal of information has been accumulated regarding the structure and function of ATP synthases, their motor functions are not fully understood. For this reason, we performed the(More)
This paper presents an effective power scheduling strategy for energy efficient multiple objects identification and association. The proposed method can be utilized in many heterogeneous surveillance systems with visual sensors and RFID (radio-frequency identification) readers where energy efficiency as well as association rate are critical. Multiple(More)
This paper presents a real-time abnormal situation detection method in crowded scenes based on the crowd motion characteristics including the particle energy and the motion directions. The particle energy is determined by computation of optical flow derived from two adjacent frames. The particle energy is modified by multiplying the foreground to background(More)
This paper presents a real-time system platform for profiling and analyzing the gaze behavior based on visual contents. The proposed system captures the gaze information from multiple users and provides the ability to measure the degree of visual content perception by the users through statistical analysis. Visual content representation scheme is presented(More)
This paper proposes an optimal camera placement method that analyzes static spatial information in various aspects and calculates priorities of spaces using modeling the moving people pattern and simulation of pedestrian movement. To derive characteristics of space and to cover the space efficiently, an agent-based camera placement method has been developed(More)
ATP synthases are unusually complex molecules, which fractionate most readily into two major units, one a water soluble unit called F(1) and the other a detergent soluble unit called F(0). In almost all known species the F(1) unit consists of 5 subunit types in the stoichiometric ratio alpha(3)beta(3)gammadeltaepsilon while the F(0) unit contains 3 subunit(More)
This paper presents a method for dynamic adaptation of sensor node architectures to improve the scalability of a sensor network. The method aids producing control algorithms for on-line adaptation, so that the node's architecture effectively addresses continuously changing operation conditions, like variable data rates and changing latency constraints. To(More)
This paper proposes a system platform with a capability of analyzing and measuring the degree of similarities and differences of the gaze behaviors of the multiple users with the intention of the provider in real-time. In the proposed system platform, a video content incorporates the intention flow script, which describes the intended sequence and duration(More)