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Computer education has been provided for a long period of time in Korea. Starting as a vocational program, the content of computer education for students evolved to include content on computer literacy, Information Communication Technology (ICT) literacy, and brand-new computer science. While a new curriculum related to computer science was established in(More)
Effects of vegetation patterns on yields of the surface and subsurface waters in the Heishui Alpine Valley in west China Y. Liu, S. An, Z. Deng, N. Fan, H. Yang, Z. Wang, Y. Zhi, C. Zhou, and S. Liu Laboratory of Forest Ecology and Global Changes, School of Life Sciences, Nanjing University, Nanjing 210093, China Institute of Forest Ecology, Environment and(More)
The copper nitride surface characteristics according to atmospheric pressure plasma (APP) and excimer ultraviolet (EUV) treatment were compared using XPS and AFM. As the result of XPS analysis result, in C1s, the organic material removal effect was greater for EUV treatment than for APP, and the oxygen content was found to be low. In Cu (933 eV) area, the(More)
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