Sangita Dandekar

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Studying neural activity during natural viewing conditions is not often attempted. Isolating the neural response of a single saccade is necessary to study neural activity during natural viewing; however, the close temporal spacing of saccades that occurs during natural viewing makes it difficult to determine the response to a single saccade. Herein, a(More)
Although most instances of object recognition during natural viewing occur in the presence of saccades, the neural correlates of objection recognition have almost exclusively been examined during fixation. Recent studies have indicated that there are post-saccadic modulations of neural activity immediately following eye movement landing; however, whether(More)
Differences in cortical geometry within and between subjects can complicate multifocal visual evoked potential (mfVEP) and standard evoked potential (EP) intra- and inter-subject comparisons. We present methods for aligning temporal intra- and inter-subject data prior to comparison. Multiple groups have informally observed that the two dominant temporal(More)
Attending to a task-relevant location changes how neural activity oscillates in the alpha band (8-13Hz) in posterior visual cortical areas. However, a clear understanding of the relationships between top-down attention, changes in alpha oscillations in visual cortex, and attention performance are still poorly understood. Here, we tested the degree to which(More)
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