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Chromosome translocations and gene fusions are frequent events in the human genome and have been found to cause diverse types of tumor. ChimerDB is a knowledgebase of fusion genes identified from bioinformatics analysis of transcript sequences in the GenBank and various other public resources such as the Sanger cancer genome project (CGP), OMIM, PubMed and(More)
miRGator is an integrated database of microRNA (miRNA)-associated gene expression, target prediction, disease association and genomic annotation, which aims to facilitate functional investigation of miRNAs. The recent version of miRGator v2.0 contains information about (i) human miRNA expression profiles under various experimental conditions, (ii) paired(More)
In this paper we present a phase field model for proppant-filled fractures in a poroelastic medium. The formulation of the coupled system involves four unknowns; displacements, phase field, pressure , and proppant concentration. The two-field displacement phase-field system is solved fully-coupled and accounts for crack irreversibility. This solution is(More)
Reference: Sanghyun Lee, Mary F. Wheeler, Thomas Wick, "Pressure and fluid-driven fracture propagation in porous media using an adaptive finite element phase field model," ICES REPORT 16-04, This work presents phase field fracture modeling in heterogeneous porous media. We develop robust and efficient numerical algorithms for pressure-driven and(More)
Today's Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Facility Management (AEC/FM) industry has to deal with complex obstacles (e.g., aging infrastructure, the protection of the natural environment, the need for resilient infrastructure). Among several technical fields that have been adopted and advanced, computer simulation has been widely researched and(More)
BACKGROUND Gene set analysis is a powerful method of deducing biological meaning for an a priori defined set of genes. Numerous tools have been developed to test statistical enrichment or depletion in specific pathways or gene ontology (GO) terms. Major difficulties towards biological interpretation are integrating diverse types of annotation categories and(More)
Initialization of phase-field fracture propagation in porous media using probability maps of fracture networks," ICES REPORT 16-09, The Abstract It is well known in the geophysical community that surface deflection information/micro-seismic data are considered to be one of the best diagnostics for revealing the volume of rock fracture. However, the(More)