Sanghoon Lee

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and two anonymous referees. We alone are responsible for any remaining errors. The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia or the Federal Reserve System Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Economists, beginning with Alfred Marshall, have studied the significance of(More)
This paper summarizes an experimental performance evaluation of a procedure for estimating a nonhom~ geneous Poisson process having an exponential rate function whose exponent includes both polynomial and trigonometric components. Maximum likelihood estimates of the unknown continuous parameters of the rate function are obtained numerically, and the degree(More)
To date, no direct measurements of primary production were taken in the Amundsen Sea, which is one of the highest primary productivity regions in the Antarctic. Phytoplankton carbon and nitrogen uptake experiments were conducted at 16 selected stations using a 13C–15N dual isotope tracer technique. We found no statistically significant depletions of major(More)
A new multistage method using hierarchical clustering for unsupervised image classification is presented. In the first phase, the multistage method performs segmentation using a hierarchical clustering procedure which confines merging to spatially adjacent clusters and generates an image partition such that no union of any neighboring segments has(More)
This paper proposes a consumption-side explanation for the urban wage premium. The key claim is that the wide consumption variety in large cities is a luxury good that is more important to high-skill workers, and thus the higher average wages in large cities are due to the selection of high skill workers choosing to live there. A unique implication is that(More)
Despite the potential of cellular RNA as a tool for the study of bacterial activities in natural environments , cellular RNA has rarely been measured because of methodological limitations. In a previous study, we quantitatively analyzed single-cell RNA content with multiple 16S rRNA-targeted fluorescent probes. In the present study, we explore the potential(More)
We develop a new methodology to estimate the elasticity of urban costs with respect to city population using French land price data. Our preferred estimate, which handles a number of estimation concerns, stands at 0.041. Our approach also yields a number of intermediate outputs of independent interest such as a distance gradient for land prices and the(More)