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Although the vast majority of ice that formed on the Antarctic continent over the past 34 million years has been lost to the oceans, pockets of ancient ice persist in the Dry Valleys of the Transantarctic Mountains. Here we report on the potential metabolic activity of microbes and the state of community DNA in ice derived from Mullins and upper Beacon(More)
Ammonia-oxidizing archaea (AOA), that is, members of the Thaumarchaeota phylum, occur ubiquitously in the environment and are of major significance for global nitrogen cycling. However, controls on cell growth and organic carbon assimilation by AOA are poorly understood. We isolated an ammonia-oxidizing archaeon (designated strain DDS1) from seawater and(More)
This paper summarizes an experimental performance evaluation of a procedure for estimating a nonhom~ geneous Poisson process having an exponential rate function whose exponent includes both polynomial and trigonometric components. Maximum likelihood estimates of the unknown continuous parameters of the rate function are obtained numerically, and the degree(More)
Column and pilot scale experiments for a chemical treatment involving the use of coagulants to remediate heavy metal contaminated groundwater were performed. Granulated lime (Ca(OH)(2)) and calcium carbonate (CaCO(3)) were used as coagulants and contaminated groundwater obtained at an abandoned Fe-mine in Korea was used for the experiments. The main removal(More)
Despite the potential of cellular RNA as a tool for the study of bacterial activities in natural environments , cellular RNA has rarely been measured because of methodological limitations. In a previous study, we quantitatively analyzed single-cell RNA content with multiple 16S rRNA-targeted fluorescent probes. In the present study, we explore the potential(More)
A new multistage method using hierarchical clustering for unsupervised image classification is presented. In the first phase, the multistage method performs segmentation using a hierarchical clustering procedure which confines merging to spatially adjacent clusters and generates an image partition such that no union of any neighboring segments has(More)
A Gram-stain-negative, motile by gliding, rod-shaped bacterial strain, designated SOJ2014-1(T) was isolated from surface water of a polynya in the Antarctic Ocean. A comparative 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis showed that strain SOJ2014-1(T) belongs to the genus Leeuwenhoekiella and is most closely related to Leeuwenhoekiella marinoflava DSM 3653(T) (97.5%(More)
The present study examined the relationships among cardiovascular autonomic, acoustic, and mood states in resting young subjects. A total of 75 college students (men:women = 53:22), aged 19–24 years, were enrolled in this study. Each subject was asked to complete the profile of mood states and to produce a sustained vowel sound (/a/) for 3 s to calculate(More)
Ocular neuroprotection induced by localized heat shock proteins (HSPs) has been paid considerable attention as an efficacious treatment modality for glaucoma. However, the current clinical approaches to induce HSPs in the retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) are limited due to undesirable side effects. Here, we present that the induction of HSPs by local magnetic(More)