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Fingerprint recognition systems are widely used in the field of biometrics. Many existing fingerprint sensors acquire fingerprint images as the user's fingerprint is contacted on a solid flat sensor. Because of this contact, input images from the same finger can be quite different and there are latent fingerprint issues that can lead to forgery and hygienic(More)
Fingerprint image-quality checking is one of the most important issues in fingerprint recognition because recognition is largely affected by the quality of fingerprint images. In the past, many related fingerprint-quality checking methods have typically considered the condition of input images. However, when using the preprocessing algorithm, ridge(More)
Phage display technology provides a powerful tool to screen a library for a binding molecule via an enrichment process. It has been adopted as a critical technology in the development of therapeutic antibodies. However, a major drawback of phage display technology is that because the degree of the enrichment cannot be controlled during the bio-panning(More)
— In this paper, we introduce the recognition of fingerprint images captured with a mobile camera. The corresponding image preprocessing algorithms are also discussed. Some characteristics of fingerprint images captured with mobile cameras are quite different from those obtained by conventional touch-based sensors. For example, mobile camera images are(More)
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