Sanghoon Kang

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Clustering of gene expression data collected across time is receiving growing attention in the biological literature since time-course experiments allow one to understand dynamic biological processes and identify genes governed by the same processes. It is believed that genes demonstrating similar expression profiles over time might give an informative(More)
A multi-standard multi-band tuner for mobile TV SoC satisfying the GSM850 & GSM900 Interoperability (IOP) is presented. The single-chip SoC satisfies all requirements of DVB-H/T, ISDB-T, and DAB application with margin. Moreover, this SoC meets not only the GSM900 IOP which is described in MBRAI 2.0, but also GSM850 IOP, in DVB-T/H mode. To suppress(More)
Recently, face recognition (FR) based on always-on CIS has been investigated for the next-generation UI/UX of wearable devices. A FR system, shown in Fig. 14.6.1, was developed as a life-cycle analyzer or a personal black box, constantly recording the people we meet, along with time and place information. In addition, FR with always-on capability can be(More)
A triband 65nm CMOS tuner is designed and implemented for first ATSC mobile DTV SoC. It supports VHF-I, VHF-III, and UHF bands. The tuner achieves a 2.5/3.0/4.0dB NF at VHF-I, VHF-III and UHF band respectively, while consuming less than 100mW. By using narrowband LNA architecture with input and load tuning ability, it can meet linearity requirement for ATSC(More)
A dual-band digital TV tuner for CMMB application SoC is presented. The single-chip SoC satisfies all requirements of CMMB application with margin. Moreover, the SoC meets the GSM IOP which means the co-operation GSM transmitter and mobile TV reception. To suppress GSM transmitter signal in UHF band, LC-tuned load and tunable input matching scheme are(More)
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