Sanghoon Cha

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Although cloud computing has emerged as a promising future computing model, security concerns due to malicious tenants have been deterring its fast adoption. In cloud computing, multiple tenants may share physical systems by using virtualization techniques. In such a virtualized system, a software hypervisor creates virtual machines (VMs) from the physical(More)
In vitro exposure of microglial cells to hypoxia induces cellular activation. Also, in vivo studies of glial activation following ischemic hypoxia have shown that neuronal cell death is followed by microglial activation. Thus, it is likely that toxic inflammatory mediators produced by activated microglial cells under hypoxic conditions may exacerbate(More)
Phage display technology has been applied in many fields of biological and medical sciences to study molecular interactions and especially in the generation of monoclonal antibodies of human origin. However, extremely low display level of antibody molecules on the surface of phage is an intrinsic problem of a phagemid-based display system resulting in low(More)
Phage display technology is an established technology particularly useful for the generation of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). The isolation of phagemid-encoded mAb fragments depends on several features of a phage preparation. The aims of this study were to optimize phage display vectors, and to ascertain if different virion features can be optimized(More)
Mouse brain microglial cells undergo apoptosis on exposure to inflammatory stimuli, which is considered as an autoregulatory mechanism to control their own activation. Here, we present evidence that an antiproliferative B cell translocation gene 1 (BTG1) constitutes a novel apoptotic pathway of LPS/IFN-gamma-activated microglia. The expression of BTG1 was(More)
Borealis-R is a replication-based system for both fast and highly-available processing of data streams over wide-area networks. In Borealis-R, multiple operator replicas send outputs to downstream replicas, allowing each replica to use whichever data arrives first. To further reduce latency, replicas run without coordination, possibly processing data in(More)
The primary goal of this study was to analyse the state of patient doses in the field of computed tomography (CT) examinations in the Republic of Korea. All survey data including the CT applications and patient dose details were obtained from general hospitals registered in the Korean Hospital Association. The systematic analysis of the patient dose survey(More)
Our goal is to have a stable, extensible system that allows us to control the micro helicopter and further become a basis of autonomous flights. In this project, we use several commercially available components to set up a basic system that is capable of integrating Wiimote[1] control and camera vision. The architecture consists of an RC helicopter, PCTx(More)
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