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recent advance of processors and communication technologies, the accessibility toward Worldwide -web(WWW) gets better. Recently, there are many tries to integrate devices and things to the Internet. The purpose of Web of Objects is to enhance users life and experiences by providing rich web service with sensors and actuators. The difference from legacy(More)
Coupled schemes between service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Web 2.0 have recently been researched. Web-based content providers and telecommunications company (Telecom) based Internet protocol television (IPTV) providers have struggled against each other to accommodate more three-screen service subscribers. Since the advent of Web 2.0, more abundant(More)
—Nowadays, more and more users are surfing web pages using smart devices, such as smart phone, tablet PC, and smart TV. Those devices have some limitations, so that users want to utilize multiple devices to get improved user experience. Multi-screen environment involves web contents sharing, moving, controlling, and managing, and implementing multiscreen(More)
For effective smart media service, a reliable and confidential context recognition is required to prepare and react properly. However, it is difficult to achieve a higher confidence level for several reasons. First, raw data from multiple sensors have different degrees of uncertainty. Second, generated contexts can indicate conflicting results, even though(More)
Browser-based Web content sharing system is designed for users to share and distribute what they're watching Web contents to other users or system via Web browser. The demonstration will show the novel method to distribute partial Web contents on browsers to other screens in Web browsing environment, especially for e-learning situations.
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