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Traditionally, economists and market researchers have been interested in identifying the factors that affect consumersÕ car buying behaviors to estimate market share, and to that end they have developed various models of vehicle type choice. However, they do not usually consider consumersÕ travel attitudes, personality , lifestyle, and mobility as factors(More)
Disaggregate studies of the impacts of telecommunications applications (e.g. telecommuting) on travel have generally found a net substitution effect. However, such studies have all been short-term and small-scale, and there is reason to believe that when more indirect and longer-term effects are accounted for, complementarity is the likely outcome. At least(More)
This study investigates the determinants of people's desire to increase or decrease the amount of travel they do. We use data from 1,357 working commuters, residents of three different neighborhoods in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. The dependent variables are indicators of Relative Desired Mobility for ten categories of travel (short-and(More)
Commuting is popularly viewed as a stressful, costly, time-wasting experience from the individual perspective, with the attendant congestion imposing major social costs as well. However, several authors have noted that commuting can also offer benefits to the individual, serving as a valued transition between the home and work realms of personal life. Using(More)
The paper presents a bi-level modeling approach that captures hierarchical relationships between shippers and carriers in maritime freight transportation networks. Ocean carriers, land carriers and port terminal operators provide transportation services at different parts of the multimodal network. Port terminal operators are regarded as a special type of(More)
The California State Bureau of Automotive Repair uses a high-emitter profile model to direct, or screen a fraction of the vehicle fleet in for inspection and maintenance testing at test-only facilities. Reviews by the California Inspection/Main-tenance Review Committee showed the high-emitter profile to be inefficient and in need of improvement. In this(More)
empirical studies have been conducted to investigate these potential relationships. The results have been mixed, with some finding net substitution and some finding complementarity [refer to Mokhtarian and Salomon (4) for a review]. Most of those studies, however, have taken a disaggregate approach and have been conducted on small samples, often focusing on(More)
The paper presents a multi-level hierarchical approach which models the oligopolistic behavior of carriers in maritime freight transportation networks. With the merger of the carriers’ industry and some dominant carriers in today’s shipping markets, carrier competition frequently exhibits an oligopolistic nature. This study considers the following three(More)
This study explores the relationships between adoption and consideration of three travel-related strategy bundles (travel maintaining/increasing, travel reducing, and major location/lifestyle change), linking them to a variety of explanatory variables. The data for this study are the responses to a fourteen-page survey returned by nearly 1,300 commuting(More)
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