Sangheon Yi

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We employ the ADHM method to derive the moduli space of two instantons in U(1) gauge theory on a noncommutative space. We show by an explicit hyperKähler quotient construction that the relative metric of the moduli space of two instantons on R4 is the Eguchi-Hanson metric and find a unique threshold bound state. For two instantons on R3 × S1, otherwise(More)
An interhemispheric hydrologic seesaw--in which latitudinal migrations of the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) produce simultaneous wetting (increased precipitation) in one hemisphere and drying in the other--has been discovered in some tropical and subtropical regions. For instance, Chinese and Brazilian subtropical speleothem (cave formations such as(More)
Lakes are important in the global and regional carbon cycle, and lake sediments potentially store substantial quantities of organic carbon. The middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River basin (MLYB) are some of the largest agricultural areas in China with an extremely high density of lakes and rivers. The lakes in the region have undergone dramatic(More)
The Holocene variability in the East Asian summer monsoon (EASM) based on speleothem δ18O records has inconsistencies in timing, duration, and expression of millennial-scale events among nearby regions, and even within the same cave. Here, we present another stalagmite δ18O record with multi-decadal time resolution from the temperate Korean Peninsula (KP)(More)
Inconsistent reconstructions of East Asian hydroclimate for the last millennium significantly limit our understanding of the mechanisms behind climate variability during the medieval climate anomaly (MCA) and little ice age (LIA) in the region. In this study, we present new high-resolution multiproxy records (diatom, δ13C, C/N, TS) from the Mulyoungari(More)
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