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Hand gestures are an important type of natural language used in many research areas such as human-computer interaction and computer vision. Hand gestures recognition requires the prior determination of the hand position through detection and tracking. One of the most efficient strategies for hand tracking is to use 2D visual information such as color and(More)
Estimation of human head position and orientation has become an increasingly important issue in human-computer interaction field. Over the last decade, many approaches have been introduced to achieve head pose estimation in both academical and industrial fields, but the low-cost and real-time application still proves to be a difficult task. Motivated by the(More)
Vehicle recognition systems are being rapidly developed. The convergence of vehicle and IT technologies conduce the vehicle recognition algorithm. There are many sensors used for vehicle detection, such as vision cameras, laser scanners, and radar and sonar sensors. There are several disadvantages when using each sensor separately, however, and we therefore(More)
Since 3D data has additional depth information than 2D image, it can be used various researches and applications such as robot vision, car navigation and human computer interaction. Especially, 3D face recognition is robust against facial pose and light variation since it can use 3D face shape information such as facial profile, curvature and depth map.(More)
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