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An emitter near a surface induces an image dipole that can modify the observed emission intensity and radiation pattern. These image-dipole effects are generally not taken into account in single-emitter tracking and super-resolved imaging applications. Here we show that the interference between an emitter and its image dipole induces a strong polarization(More)
Synthetic nanostructures, such as nanoparticles and nanowires, can serve as modular building blocks for integrated nanoscale systems. We demonstrate a microfluidic approach for positioning, orienting, and assembling such nanostructures into nanoassemblies. We use flow control combined with a cross-linking photoresist to position and immobilize(More)
One-dimensional potassium niobate nanowires are of interest as building blocks in integrated piezoelectric devices, exhibiting large nonlinear optical and piezoelectric responses. Here we present femtosecond measurements of light-induced polarization dynamics within an optically trapped ferroelectric nanowire, using the second-order nonlinear susceptibility(More)
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