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Automated test suite generation is an optimization technique to reduce test effort and duration. Software Testing has traditionally been one of the main techniques contributing to high software quality and dependability. Testing performance consumes about 50% of software development resources, so any methods aiming at reducing software-testing costs are(More)
Modified Condition / Decision Coverage (MC / DC) is a white box testing criteria aiming to prove that all conditions involved in a predicate can influence the predicate value in the desired way. Though MC/DC is a standard coverage criterion, existing automated test data generation approaches like CONCOLIC testing do not support MC/DC. To address this issue(More)
Green Computing is a solution for environment sustainability, where any part of computer does not pollute the environment system. The main focus of Green Computing is to reduce harmful material used in computers, boost the energy efficiency and create recyclability of waste. Now a days energy consumption of software is very interesting research area. Green(More)
Concolic testing techniques do not necessarily aim to achieve a specific MC/DC coverage. On the other hand, MC/DC is considered as a standard and a strong test coverage criterion. It is mandated for many categories of applications such as safety critical software. We present an automated code transformation technique that can be used as a front end to a(More)
Augmented test suite generation is a technique to minimise test effort and duration. Modified condition and decision coverage (MC/DC) is a white box software testing criteria targeting to prove all the conditions involved in a predicate which can influence the predicate value in an efficient way. The coverage analysis is a structural testing method, which(More)
The power and energy consumption of computer systems have posed challenges to the environment. Few researchers focused on energy consumption of software, some have measured the energy consumption of hardware. Software energy consumption deals with amount of power consumed over time for a particular software. We know that, software testing is now moving(More)