Sanghamitra Das

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As the exchange rate, foreign demand, production costs and export promotion policies evolve, manufacturing firms are continually faced with two issues: Whether to be an exporter, and if so, how much to export. We develop a dynamic structural model of export supply that characterizes these two decisions and estimate the model using plant-level panel data on(More)
Child Labor and Household Wealth: Theory and Empirical Evidence of an Inverted-U Some studies on child labor have shown that greater land wealth leads to higher child labor, thereby casting doubt on the hypothesis that child labor is caused by poverty. This paper argues that the missing ingredient is an explicit modeling of the labor market. We develop a(More)
We examine the behaviour of pedestrians wishing to cross a stream of traffic at signalized intersections. We model each pedestrian as making a discrete crossing choice by comparing the gaps between vehicles in traffic to an individual-specific ‘critical gap’ that characterizes the individual’s minimal acceptable gap. We propose both parametric and(More)
We investigate determinants of household firewood collection in rural Nepal, using 1995-96 and 2002-3 World Bank Living Standards Measurement Survey (LSMS) data. We incorporate village fixed effects, endogenous censoring, measurement error in living standards and heterogeneous effects of different household assets. We find no evidence in favor of the(More)
This paper assesses the relation between living standards and forest degradation in the Indian mid-Himalayas, and related policy issues. The analysis is based on detailed household, village and ecology surveys in a sample of 165 villages in Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh. Our prior fieldwork in this region indicates that forest degradation rather than(More)
PURPOSE To report the role of choroidal drainage in patient with acute bilateral angle closure secondary to cilio-choroidal effusion with Topiramate. DESIGN Interventional case report. METHODS Two weeks after commencing tablet Topiramate (Sulfamate derivative) for management of epilepsy, a patient developed bilateral acute angle closure secondary to(More)
Most analyses of the impact of community management of common property resources are based on cross-sectional comparisons in case studies or small samples, perceptionbased measurement of resource conditions, and absence of controls for unobserved community characteristics and non-random assignment of management types. This paper compares forests managed by(More)
We analyse a panel of output series for India, disaggregated by 15 states and 14 broad industry groups. Using principal components (Bai, 2004; Bai & Ng, 2004) we …nd that a single common "V-Factor" captures well the signi…cant shift in the cross-sectional distribution of state-sectoral output growth rates since the the 2nd half of the 1980s. The timing of(More)