Sangeun Cho

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We investigate the resistive switching power from unipolar resistive switching current-voltage characteristics in various binary metal oxide films sandwiched by different metal electrodes, and find a universal feature (the so-called universality) in the switching power among these devices. To experimentally derive the switching power universality,(More)
This work reports on the concurrent electrochemical energy storage and conversion characteristics of granular copper oxide electrode films prepared using reactive radio-frequency magnetron sputtering at room temperature under different oxygen environments. The obtained films are characterized in terms of their structural, morphological, and compositional(More)
This study investigates the transport and switching time of nonvolatile tungsten oxide based resistive-switching (RS) memory devices. These devices consist of a highly resistive tungsten oxide film sandwiched between metal electrodes, and their RS characteristics are bipolar in the counterclockwise direction. The switching voltage, retention, endurance, and(More)
The dataset presented here is related to the research article entitled "Highly Efficient Electro-optically Tunable Smart-supercapacitors Using an Oxygen-excess Nanograin Tungsten Oxide Thin Film" (Akbar et al., 2017) [9] where we have presented a nanograin WO3 film as a bifunctional electrode for smart supercapacitor devices. In this article we provide(More)
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