Sangeok Kim

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OBJECTIVE Treatment of bipolar patients is often complicated by metabolic abnormalities such as obesity, diabetes, and dyslipidemia. We therefore evaluated the prevalence of these abnormalities and their correlates, in bipolar I patients, at the time of commencement of pharmacological treatment for acute mood episodes. METHODS The study cohort consisted(More)
This paper presents a HMM-based speech recognition engine and its integration into direct manipulation interfaces for Korean document editor. Speech recognition can reduce typical tedious and repetitive actions which are inevitable in standard GUIs (graphic user interfaces). Our system consists of general speech recognition engine called ABrain 1 and speech(More)
Effects of hypothermia on the afferent somatosensory transmission to the ventroposteromedial (VPM) thalamus were determined in anesthetized rats and hamsters. Hamsters showed a gradual suppression of afferent sensory transmission during cooling (to 18 degrees C) and disinhibition during subsequent warming of body temperature (Tb). However, rats exhibited(More)
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