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BACKGROUND Screening of patients for common mental disorders (CMDs) is needed in primary-care management programmes. This study aimed to compare the screening properties of five widely used questionnaires. METHOD Adult attenders in five primary-care settings in India were recruited through systematic sampling. Four questionnaires were administered, in(More)
Numerous studies report that fibromyalgia (FM), a syndrome characterized by widespread pain and generalized tender points, is comorbid with major depressive disorder (MDD). The current study tests two alternate explanations for their comorbidity using a family study methodology. The first is that FM is a depression spectrum disorder. The second is that(More)
Prior studies of careseeking fibromyalgia (FM) patients often report that they have an elevated risk of psychiatric disorders, but biased sampling may distort true risk. The current investigation utilizes state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures for both FM and psychiatric disorders to estimate prevalence rates of FM and the comorbidity of FM and specific(More)
A purported pathogenic mechanism for the development of fibromyalgia, a medically unexplained syndrome involving widespread pain, is stress and associated psychiatric disorder. The major stressor of recent World Trade Center terrorist attacks provides a natural experiment for evaluating this mechanism. This study sought to determine whether symptoms(More)
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