Sangeeth Kumar

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Real time wireless sensor networks are primarily constrained by the availability of energy for a long monitoring period. Either new methodologies for acquiring energy or new methodologies for efficient energy utilization have to be adopted. This paper analyzes the energy consumed by the entire network and discusses the factors and approaches used towards(More)
An efficient mass classification system for breast cancer in digital mammogram based on Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) and Stochastic Neighbor Embedding (SNE) technique is presented in this paper. The mass classification in digital mammogram is achieved by decomposing the mammogram image by using DWT at various levels. Then the high dimensional wavelet(More)
Using wireless networks to connect and communicate between geological sensors is a more scalable and suitable way for designing landslide monitoring and warning system for larger areas spanning many acres. Added to this, if the system has the capability to function in solar power, then it becomes autonomous system with self-organizing and self-healing(More)
In this paper a Mixed Integer Dynamic Optimization (MIDO) framework is exploited for combined Unit Commitment and Economic Load Scheduling (UCELS) optimization of power plants. Economic load scheduling optimization problem is formulated as a Dynamic Optimization (DO) problem that allows us to optimize the plant operations by taking into account the time(More)
Online videos are one of the most prevalent forms of communication over the Internet because humans are attracted to visual stimulations. Multimedia services, especially real-time services, require data to arrive on time. Unlike any other transmissions, video streaming needs to be monitored and adapted to bandwidth, when the video stream passes through the(More)
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