Sangeeta Viswanadham

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A molecular dynamics (MD) scheme is combined with a distributed circuit model for a self-consistent analysis of the transient membrane response for cells subjected to an ultrashort (nanosecond) high-intensity (approximately 0.01-V/nm spatially averaged field) voltage pulse. The dynamical, stochastic, many-body aspects are treated at the molecular level by(More)
Data Cleaning is a process for determining whether two or more records defined differently in database, represent the same real world object. Data Cleaning is a vital function in data warehouse preprocessing. It is found that the problem of duplication/redundancy is encountered frequently when large amounts of data collected from different sources is put in(More)
A new technique involving the addition of a compound to the analyte to serve as a source of "reagent" ions has been developed for negative-ion laser mass spectrometry. This "solid state chemical ionization" leads to ions characteristic of the analyte, owing to ion-molecule reactions between the "reagent" ion and the neutral analyte in the laser-generated(More)
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