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MicroRNAs are small non-coding RNAs that regulate gene expression at multiple levels. The discovery of virally encoded miRNAs attracted immense attention towards their role in viral replication and pathogenesis. Kaposi's-sarcoma-associated herpes virus encodes miRNA that functions as an orthologue of human cellular miRNA, i.e., hsa-miR-155. Keeping the same(More)
Centella asiatica (L), a herbaceous plant belonging to the family Apiaceae, possesses great medicinal value owing to the presence of important and characteristic triterpenoids as secondary metabolites. These triterpenoid secondary metabolites are found in leaves in substantial quantities whereas negligible amounts may be detected sometimes in root tissues.(More)
The studies into the pathophysiology of viral miRNAs are still in infancy; the interspecies regulation at the miRNA level fuels the spark of the investigation into the repertoire of virus–host interactions. Reports pertaining to the viral miRNAs role in modulating/evading the host immune response are surging up; we initiated this in silico study to(More)
Geminiviruses are single-stranded circular DNA viruses causing leaf curl disease in papaya crop. Post-Transcriptional Gene Silencing (PTGS), also known as RNAi, acts as a natural antiviral defence mechanism and plays a role in genome maintenance and development in plants. PTGS suppression by viruses makes the plant RNA silencing machinery inefficient. Three(More)
Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome with spinal cord involvement (PRES-SCI) is a recently described entity with a handful of cases reported in literature. We describe a case of PRES in setting of Henoch-Schönlein purpura (HSP) with involvement of brain stem and spinal cord.
CAPSULE: A case of Cephalothoracopagus janiceps monosymmetros detected at 24 week pregnancy by antenatal ultrasound. Among the Cephalothoracopagus twins, this case comes in extremely rare category due to following features : (a) presence of separate hearts (b) male sex (c) bony fusion at the level of the base of skull. The pregnancy was terminated after(More)
Three alkaline protease producing gram positive, spore forming Streptomyces (J1, J2 and J3) were isolated from alkaline soil (pH range: 9-10) samples collected from Central Soil Salinity Research Institute (C.S.S.R.I), Lucknow. On the basis of halo zone, morphology, texture and microscopic characteristics they were identified as Streptomyces. Further(More)
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