Sangeeta Raje

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The presenilin containing gamma-secretase complex is responsible for the regulated intramembraneous proteolysis of the amyloid precursor protein (APP), the Notch receptor, and a multitude of other(More)
The benztropine (BZT) analogues bind with high affinity to the dopamine transporter (DAT) and demonstrate a behavioral and pharmacokinetic profile unlike that of cocaine. The development of a(More)
The N-substituted 3alpha-[bis(4'-fluorophenyl)methoxy]tropanes (AHN 2-003, AHN 1-055, AHN 2-005, and JHW 007) bind with high affinity to the dopamine transporter and inhibit dopamine uptake more(More)
AIMS To determine the safety, pharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD) of oral immediate release (IR) lecozotan in healthy young and elderly subjects. METHODS Three randomized, double-blind,(More)
Zonula occludens toxin (Zot), a protein elaborated from Vibrio cholerae, has been shown to be capable of reversibly opening tight junctions between intestinal cells The objective of this study was to(More)
The lineage-specific human tyrosinase promoter has been used to successfully target gene expression at the transcriptional level to melanoma cells. The tyrosinase promoter, alone and in combination(More)