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BACKGROUND In the present era, mental disability is a major public health problem in the society. Many of the mental disabilities are correctable if detected early. OBJECTIVES To assess the prevalence and pattern of mental disability. MATERIALS AND METHODS Community-based cross-sectional study. Patients of all age groups in the age range of 0-60 years(More)
One of the major obstacles in metabolomics is the identification of unknown metabolites. We tested constraints for reidentifying the correct structures of 29 known metabolite peaks from GCT premier accurate mass chemical ionization GC-TOF mass spectrometry data without any use of mass spectral libraries. Correct elemental formulas were retrieved within the(More)
Leishmania, a protozoan parasite that resides and replicates obligatorily within macrophages, inflicts a complex of severe diseases known as leishmaniasis. The diseases have significant socio-economic impact through gross disfiguration, morbidity and mortality worldwide. Despite these problems, an effective anti-leishmanial vaccine remains elusive. Herein,(More)
Orange fluorescent proteins (FPs) are attractive candidates as Forster resonance energy transfer (FRET) partners, bridging the gap between green and red/far-red FPs, but they pose significant challenges using common fixed laser wavelengths. We investigated monomeric Kusabira orange 2 (mKO2) FP as a FRET acceptor for monomeric teal FP (mTFP) as donor on a(More)
The nucleoprotein of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV-N) is immunogenic and elicits an IgG response following infection. The RSV-N gene was cloned into a mammalian expression vector, pREN2, and the expressed luciferase-tagged protein (Ruc-N) detected anti-RSV-N-specific IgG antibodies using a high-throughput immunoprecipitation method (the luciferase(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to determine the frequency of common causes leading to Pancytopenia in patients presenting to tertiary care hospital at Karachi. METHODS A total of 62 patients with the diagnosis of Pancytopenia of more than one week duration were enrolled in the study. All patients underwent a detailed medical history and full(More)
Leishmania donovani, a protozoan parasite, causes a strong immunosuppression in a susceptible host and inflicts the fatal disease visceral leishmaniasis. Relatively high toxicity, low therapeutic index, and failure in reinstating host-protective anti-leishmanial immune responses have made anti-leishmanial drugs patient non-compliant and an immuno-modulatory(More)
Mycobacterium tuberculosis is an adaptable intracellular pathogen, existing in both dormant as well as active disease-causing states. Here, we report systematic proteomic analyses of four strains, H37Ra, H37Rv, and clinical isolates BND and JAL, to determine the differences in protein expression patterns that contribute to their virulence and drug(More)