Sangeeta Kumari

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BACKGROUND In the present era, mental disability is a major public health problem in the society. Many of the mental disabilities are correctable if detected early. OBJECTIVES To assess the prevalence and pattern of mental disability. MATERIALS AND METHODS Community-based cross-sectional study. Patients of all age groups in the age range of 0-60 years(More)
The most recent version of the kinetic method, i.e. fixed ligand method, is applied towards chiral discrimination of three pairs of enantiomeric hexose monosaccharides under mass spectral conditions. Naturally occurring mononucleotides are used as fixed ligands (FL) and the amino acids are selected as the chiral references (ref) to discriminate the analyte(More)
The nucleoprotein of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV-N) is immunogenic and elicits an IgG response following infection. The RSV-N gene was cloned into a mammalian expression vector, pREN2, and the expressed luciferase-tagged protein (Ruc-N) detected anti-RSV-N-specific IgG antibodies using a high-throughput immunoprecipitation method (the luciferase(More)
Waste silkworm pupae (SWP) generate vast resources of nutrients for livestock and poultry. In the present investigation, three days old chicks of RIR strain were allocated to five dietary treatments of silk worm pupae meal. The energy budget was prepared from calculated proximate analysis and growth performance of broiler chicks fed with different(More)
Addition of multiple repeats of the FS3 upstream activation sequence (FS3-UAS, -270 to -60) intra-molecularly to the TATA containing core-domain of the FS3 (-151 to +31) promoter resulted in 2-3-folds enhanced promoter activity. The chimeric promoter, FS3-UAS-3X with maximum activity, showed 3.31 times stronger activity in root vascular tissue compared to(More)
One of the major obstacles in metabolomics is the identification of unknown metabolites. We tested constraints for reidentifying the correct structures of 29 known metabolite peaks from GCT premier accurate mass chemical ionization GC-TOF mass spectrometry data without any use of mass spectral libraries. Correct elemental formulas were retrieved within the(More)
Leishmania, a protozoan parasite that resides and replicates obligatorily within macrophages, inflicts a complex of severe diseases known as leishmaniasis. The diseases have significant socio-economic impact through gross disfiguration, morbidity and mortality worldwide. Despite these problems, an effective anti-leishmanial vaccine remains elusive. Herein,(More)
Nuclear receptor PXR is predominantly expressed in liver and intestine. Expression of PXR is observed to be dysregulated in various metabolic disorders indicating its involvement in disease development. However, information available on mechanisms of PXR self-regulation is fragmentary. The present investigation identifies some of the regulatory elements(More)
L-Tyrosine and iodinated L-tyrosines, i.e., 3-iodo-L-tyrosine and 3,5-diiodo-L-tyrosine, are successfully used as chiral references for the chiral discrimination of aliphatic, acidic, and aromatic amino acids. Chiral discrimination is achieved by investigating the collision-induced dissociation spectra of the trimeric complex [Cu(II)(ref)(2)(A) - H](+) ion(More)
This paper reports a simple novel method for the synthesis of flower like gold nanoparticle (three dimensional branched nanoparticle) with >30 tips, under controlled temperature condition. Formation of flower like Au nanoparticle was confirmed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Next step of this paper reveals(More)