Sangeeta Gajendra

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BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to assess the knowledge, practices, and opinions of dentists and dental hygienists in New York State regarding oral cancer prevention and early detection. METHOD We sent questionnaires to a stratified random sample of dentists and dental hygienists selected from a list of licensed oral health care providers in New(More)
BACKGROUND The authors conducted a study to examine oral cancer prevention and early detection practice patterns in a population-based random sample of practicing oral health care professionals in New York state. METHODS The authors surveyed a population-based, self-weighting, stratified random sample of dentists (n = 1,025) and dental hygienists (n =(More)
OBJECTIVES Using an ecological conceptual model, this study examined the social context, structural, and behavioral factors within an immigrant community that contribute to increased access and use of oral health services by Latino children. The predictors of health service use at the level of the individual, the family, the provider, and the health service(More)
Pregnancy is a delicate condition involving complex physical and physiological changes. In recent times, there has been a greater focus on the oral health of pregnant women. Emerging evidence has shown that periodontal disease may be associated with preterm, low birthweight (LBW) babies. This has caught the attention of prenatal care providers, who often(More)
Race has been shown to affect the quality of physician-patient relations. In view of this, dentistry must consider whether race also affects dentist-patient relations. The purpose of this study was to explore whether orthodontic residents showed more social connection and concern for European ancestry patients, were more negative to minority patients, and(More)
We present <i>Bitey</i>, a subtle, wearable device for enabling input via tooth clicks. Based on a bone-conduction microphone worn just above the ears, Bitey recognizes the click sounds from up to five different pairs of teeth, allowing fully hands-free interface control. We explore the space of tooth input and show that Bitey allows for a high degree of(More)
A large 2-campus Medical Center in Western New York, along with several other large area hospitals, planned for and simultaneously implemented successful “Smoke-Free Campus” initiatives in November of 2006. This coordinated initiative required that each system plan accordingly for the development and implementation of policies, training of employees,(More)
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