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In the European Union, the high-concentration capsaicin patch is licensed for the management of neuropathic pain conditions in nondiabetic patients, including postherpetic neuralgia (PHN) and HIV-associated distal sensory polyneuropathy (HIV-DSP). However, in the USA, the Food and Drug Administration approved its use only in PHN patients. Capsaicin is a(More)
This paper presents the distribution network reconfiguration using distributed generation (DG) unit considering the variations of load. A sensitivity index based on voltage stability is used to obtain the optimal location of distributed generation unit. The optimal size of DG unit is optimized using genetic algorithm whereas the network reconfiguration(More)
The effects of organic (OFS) and conventional (CFS) farming systems on soil nitrogen and tea (Camellia sinensis L.) leaf physiological as well as biochemical properties under humid sub-tropical conditions were studied at the experimental field of Tocklai Tea Research Institute, Jorhat, Assam, India. A part of the field under CFS was converted to organic in(More)
A 48 Year Old man presented with an isolated complete Bitemporal Hemianopia after sustaining a closed head trauma in an accidental fall one month after injury without visual acuity defect and without neurological complications as a rare case of traumatic chiasmal syndrome and its pathogenic mechanisms discussed. INTRODUCTION Chiasmal Syndrome comprises(More)
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