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This paper proposes the design and impementation of MPI Rejoin() for MPICH-G2, which is not specified in the original MPI. The ‘rejoin’ operation allows the restored process to rejoin the existing group by updating the corresponding entry of the channel table with the new physical address. This is the primitive of fault tolerance or task migration for(More)
A fair scheduling algorithm is proposed to improve the system throughput while maintaining the fairness in the downlink of a code-division multiple access (CDMA) system employing AMC and multicodes. R. Kwan and C. Leung [1] suggested an optimal scheduling to maximize the total throughput based on simultaneous transmissions strategy. In this letter, we(More)
This paper presents hierarchical cell deployment strategies for high-speed data CDMA systems. Hierarchical cell structure has been considered as a method to improve the quality of service and increase the system capacity. We evaluate the performance of the hierarchical system with one embedded micro-cell. We show that the system capacity is dependent on the(More)
A computational study of superconducting states near the superconductingnormal phase boundary inmesoscopic finite cylinders is presented. The computational approach uses a finite element method to find numerical solutions of the linearized Ginzburg-Landau equation for samples with various sizes, aspect ratios, and crosssectional shapes, i.e., squares,(More)
A computational study of mixed states in mesoscopic type-II superconducting cylinders is presented. The dependence of transient behaviors and steady-state configurations on the value of the applied magnetic field is examined as are the effects of sample size and cross-sectional shape on vortex nucleation and penetration. As is well known, more vortices(More)
Optical diffraction tomography (ODT) provides label-free three-dimensional (3D) refractive index (RI) measurement of biological samples. However, due to the nature of the RI values of biological specimens, ODT has limited access to molecular specific information. Here, we present an optical setup combining ODT with three-channel 3D fluorescence microscopy,(More)
A computational study of the second-harmonic generation in one-dimensional photonic crystals made of GaAs and AlAs with quadratic optical nonlinearity and material dispersion is presented. The computational approach uses a shooting method to solve nonlinear wave equations for coupled fundamental and second-harmonic fields and the invariant imbedding method(More)
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