Sangarappan Sivakumar

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The cycloaddition of the von Leusen's reagent (p-tolylsulfonyl)methyl isocyanide (TosMIC) to alpha-aroylketene dithioacetals (AKDTAs) in the presence of sodium hydride in THF at rt resulted in a facile synthesis of the 4-aroyl-3-methylsulfanyl-2-tosylpyrroles 3 in good yield along with a minor amount of(More)
[reaction: see text] A new method of achieving homogeneity of chirality via purification of nonracemic (partially resolved) amino alcohols 1a-d and the C2 chiral diamine 2 to obtain samples of higher ee, through preparation of homochiral and heterochiral aggregates using oxalic and fumaric acids, is described.
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