Sangaralingam Kajanan

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Given the enormity of the app market and the velocity with which new apps arrive, it is extremely challenging for apps to reach the intended audience, or any audience at all, in fact. An entire "app promotion" industry exists to help publishers achieve post-launch app success. This is done by understanding relationships between app success and a variety of(More)
Popularity and pervasiveness of mobile apps have great potential to motivate healthy behavioural modifications. Considering the increased prevalence of obesity, overweight and sedentary lifestyle in modern societies, this study takes an important step in proposing design elements for fitness apps that can stimulate enhanced physical activity behaviour. We(More)
Push Notification (PN) and Personalized Push Notifications (PPN) are key contemporary topics in mobile app industry today. Push notifications provide a viable content recommendation channel which complements in-app recommendation in mobile apps. There are existing algorithms for in-app content recommendation, however, the PN based recommendation systems are(More)
The Twitter platform has emerged as a leading medium of conducting social commentary, where users remark upon all kinds of entities, events and occurrences. As a result, organizations are starting to mine twitter posts to unearth the knowledge encoded in such commentary. Mobile applications, commonly known as mobile apps, are the fastest growing consumer(More)
Mobile smart-device ecosystems (e.g., iOS, Android) have democratized innovation and rejuvenated the mobile-device industry. Yet, two key participants of these ecosystems, developers and consumers, continue to face significant challenges. The market is inundated with more than a million apps making the discovery and assessment of apps a daunting task for(More)