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Eun Jin Yang2
Hyoung Chul Shin2
2Eun Jin Yang
2Hyoung Chul Shin
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To date, no direct measurements of primary production were taken in the Amundsen Sea, which is one of the highest primary productivity regions in the Antarctic. Phytoplankton carbon and nitrogen uptake experiments were conducted at 16 selected stations using a 13C–15N dual isotope tracer technique. We found no statistically significant depletions of major(More)
Social Network Services(SNS) such as Facebook, Friendster, MySpace and Orkut have established themselves as very popular and powerful tools for making and finding friends and for identifying other people who share similar interests. Search behavior of Web users often reflects that of others who have similar interests or similar information profiles in(More)
The rapid melting of glaciers as well as the loss of sea ice in the Amundsen Sea makes it an ideal environmental setting for the investigation of the impacts of climate change in the Antarctic on the distribution and production of mesozooplankton. We examined the latitudinal distribution of mesozooplankton and their grazing impacts on phytoplankton in the(More)
The creation of engineered 3D microtissues has attracted prodigious interest because of the fact that this microtissue structure is able to mimic in vivo environments. Such microtissues can be applied extensively in the fields of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, as well as in drug and toxicity screening. Here, we develop a novel method of(More)
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