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An Improved NHPP Model with Time-Varying Fault Removal Delay
⎯In this paper, an improved NHPP model is proposed by replacing constant fault removal time with time-varying fault removal delay in NHPP model, proposed by Daniel R Jeske. In our model, aExpand
Action-Based Access Control Modelt
Efficient DNA Cleavage by Copper(II) Complex Derived from 1,1'-Dimethyl-2,2'-biimidazole Ligand
The cleavage of DNA (pBR322) by [Cu(Dime-biim)2(H2O)](ClO4)2 (Dime-biim=1, 1'-dimethyl-2, 2'-biimidazole) was investigated. The results showed that the complex could cleave DNA efficiently at pH=8.0Expand
Preparation of MgO-Mg_2TiO_4 Composite and Its Corrosion Resistance to Electrolyte
MgO- Mg2TiO4 composite was prepared by adding chemically pure TiO2(0,1%,2%,5% and 10%,in mass,the same hereinafter) to light-burned magnesia(particle size 0.045 mm),ball milling,dry pressing,andExpand
Reliability Enhancement of the Diverse Protection System Regarding Common Cause Failures
The issue of CCF (common cause failure) in digital I & C (instrumentation and control) systems is of great interest because an increasing number of such systems are implemented in nuclear powerExpand
Effects of Firing and Operating Atmospheres on Microstructure and Properties of Phosphate Bonded Cr2O3-Al2O3-ZrO2 Bricks
The microstructure and properties of phosphate bonded Cr2O3-Al2O3-ZrO2 specimens fired in air or coke bed were investigated firstly. Then property change of the Cr2O3-Al2O3-ZrO2 bricks afterExpand
Phase Equilibrium of Quaternary System Cd~(2+)//Cl~-,SO_4~(2-),NO_3~--H_2O at 298 K
Solid-liquid equilibrium of quaternary system Cd 2+ //Cl - , SO4 2- , NO3 - -H2O at 298 K was studied by means of an isothermal solution saturation method. Experimental results indicate that thereExpand