Sang-hoon Lee

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OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between substance use and depressive symptoms in a cohort of Koreans aged 45 years and older from a large, population-based study. Using the 2006 Korean Longitudinal Study of Aging, we estimated the prevalence of depressive symptoms and its association with smoking and alcohol use. METHODS(More)
Aesthetic units of the face can be divided into facial content (FC; eyes, nose, lips, and mouth), anterior facial frame (AFF; a contour line from the trichion, the temporal line of the frontal bone, the lateral orbital rim, the most lateral line of the anterior part of the zygomatic body, the anterior border of the masseter muscle, to the inferior border of(More)
Reality evaluation (i.e., the discrimination of things existing outside of oneself and figments of others' imagination) may be impaired in patients with schizophrenia, and impairment in reality evaluation may be related to psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions. In this study, we investigated the nature of impairment of reality processing(More)
We have implemented a tin-oxide-decorated carbon nanotube (CNT) network gas sensor system on a single die. We have also demonstrated the deposition of metallic tin on the CNT network, its subsequent oxidation in air, and the improvement of the lifetime of the sensors. The fabricated array of CNT sensors contains 128 sensor cells for added redundancy and(More)
SUMMARY New technological advances today allow for a range of advanced composite materials, including multilayer materials and nanofiber-matrix composites. In this context, the key to developing advanced materials is the understanding of the interplay between the various physical scales present, from the atomic level interactions, to the microstructural(More)
Compressive sensing (CS) enables the reconstruction of a magnetic resonance (MR) image from undersampled data in k-space with relatively low-quality distortion when compared to the original image. In addition, CS allows the scan time to be significantly reduced. Along with a reduction in the computational overhead, we investigate an effective way to improve(More)
Gliomas traditionally have been sub-classified based on histopathological observations. However, this approach is subject to inter-observer variability, and histopathological features may not reflect the biological mechanisms that drive tumor growth. High-throughput transcriptional profiling has shown promise in objectively and reproducibly identifying(More)
Being able to predict the degree of visual discomfort that is felt when viewing stereoscopic 3D (S3D) images is an important goal toward ameliorating causative factors, such as excessive horizontal disparity, misalignments or mismatches between the left and right views of stereo pairs, or conflicts between different depth cues. Ideally, such a model should(More)
It has been reported that reality evaluation and recognition are impaired in patients with schizophrenia and these impairments are related to the severity of psychotic symptoms. The current study aimed to investigate the neural basis of impairments in reality evaluation and recognition and their relationships with cognitive insight in schizophrenia. During(More)