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Recent research progress indicates a close link between ghrelin, a natural ligand of GH secretagogues receptor (GHS-R), and both the metabolic balance and body composition. To clarify the involvement of ghrelin and GHS-R in the process of adipogenesis, we measured the expression of GHS-R and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma 2 (PPAR-gamma 2)(More)
The factors that control fat deposition in adipose tissues are poorly understood. It is known that visceral adipose tissues display a range of biochemical properties that distinguish them from adipose tissues of subcutaneous origin. However, we have little information on gene expression, either in relation to fat deposition or on interspecies variation in(More)
Orexins, orexigenic neuropeptides, are secreted from lateral hypothalamus and orexin receptors are expressed in the pituitary. Since growth hormone (GH) secreted from pituitary is integrally linked to energy homeostasis and metabolism, we studied the effect of orexin-B on voltage-gated Ca(2+) currents and the related signalling mechanisms in primary(More)
Oxytocin (OXT) and OXT receptor (OXTR) have been implicated in the regulation of energy homeostasis, but the detailed mechanism is still unclear. We recently showed late-onset obesity and impaired cold-induced thermogenesis in male OXTR knockout (Oxtr(-/-)) mice. Here we demonstrate that the OXTR in the hypothalamus has important functions in(More)
Two SNPs, i.e. L127V and T172M, of bovine growth hormone (GH) causing the presence of GH gene haplotypes A, B, and C was previously shown to alter intramuscular fatty acid (FA) composition in Japanese Black (JB) heifers. To determine the SNP effect on somatotropic hormone concentration and lipogenesis, we measured plasma GH, insulin, and insulin-like growth(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES This study was conducted to investigate the effects of fermented soybean (FS) extract on adipocyte differentiation and fat accumulation using cultured 3T3-L1 adipocytes. MATERIALS/METHODS 3T3-L1 adipocytes were treated with FS and nonfermented soybean (NFS) extract during differentiation for 10 days in vitro. Oil red O staining was(More)
Chemerin, highly expressed in adipose and liver tissues, regulates glucose and lipid metabolism and immunity in these tissues in ruminants and mice. Our previous reports showed that chemerin is involved in adipogenesis and lipid metabolism in adipose tissue as an adipokine. The aim of the present study was to identify single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)(More)
INTRODUCTION Endocrine systems are important for the growth and development of animals. Understanding the regulation and control of hormones secreted from endocrine organs is important in animal production. Since the physiological functions of the hormones identified have been reported in humans and rodents, domestic animals have been examined in numerous(More)
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