Sang Young Moon

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To determine the frequency of chromosomal abnormalities in a child psychiatric population, and to evaluate possible associations between types of abnormalities and patient's clinical characteristics, cytogenetic examination was performed on 604 patients. Demographic data, reasons for karyotyping, clinical signs, and other patient characteristics were(More)
The fragile X syndrome is a common X-linked mental retardation and autism, affecting females as well as males. The fragile site X chromosomes were studied in a series of 153 mentally retarded boys of unknown etiology to determine the frequency of fragile X syndrome, and to assess the feasibility of making a clinical diagnosis of the fragile X syndrome in(More)
AIM We aimed to evaluate the bone mineral density of the hip joint in patients with cerebral palsy (CP). METHOD Patients with CP younger than 18 years who underwent three-dimensional hip examination by computed tomography were analysed. Bone attenuation of the acetabulum and femur was measured as Hounsfield units (HU), and was adjusted for affecting(More)
Progression of hip displacement is common in patients with cerebral palsy (CP). We aimed to investigate the rate of progression of hip displacement in patients with CP by assessing changes in radiographic indices according to Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS) level during hip surveillance. We analyzed the medical records of patients with CP(More)
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