Sang Young Byun

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BACKGROUND Despite several recent reports on the efficacy of long-pulse pulsed dye laser (LP-PDL) in treating infantile hemangiomas, controversy remains. OBJECTIVES To determine the beneficial effects of early therapeutic intervention with LP-PDL in superficial and mixed hemangiomas. METHODS AND MATERIALS Clinical data from 40 children with 47(More)
BACKGROUND Formaldehyde (FA) and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are considered among the main causes of atopic aggravation. Their main sources include wallpapers, paints, adhesives, and flooring materials. OBJECTIVE To assess the effects of environmentally friendly wallpaper and flooring material on indoor air quality and atopic dermatitis(More)
Received May 11, 2012, Revised June 14, 2012, Accepted for publication July 12, 2012 *These authors are contributed equally to this work. Corresponding author: Kyoung Chan Park, Department of Dermatology, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, 82 Gumi-ro 173beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam 463-707, Korea. TEL: 82-31-787-7311, Fax: 82-31-787-4058, E-mail:(More)
BACKGROUND We usually divided cosmetic facial zone into the T zone and U zone by the level of sebum secretion. Our recent studies suggested that the perioral area showed different characteristics in the aspect of acne development. OBJECTIVE To investigate the unique characteristics of the O zone (perioral area) among the three facial areas. METHODS A(More)
Because nail psoriasis is difficult to treat, therapy with many biological drugs has been attempted. Ustekinumab is approved for chronic plaque psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis (PsA), with some trials reporting nail improvement using this agent. A 51-year-old man with severe chronic plaque psoriasis had severe involvement of all fingernails and toenails,(More)
BACKGROUND The differential diagnosis of common pigmented skin lesions is important in cosmetic dermatology. The computer aided image analysis would be a potent ancillary diagnostic tool when patients are hesitant to undergo a skin biopsy. OBJECTIVE We investigated the numerical parameters discriminating each pigmented skin lesion from another with(More)
BACKGROUND Computer-aided image analysis (CAIA) has been suggested as an effective diagnostic tool for pigmented skin lesions (PSLs), especially melanoma. However, few studies on benign PSLs have been reported. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to evaluate benign PSLs with our CAIA software and analyze the differences between the parameters of those(More)
Venous leg ulcers, the most common form of leg ulcers, are relevant to the pathogenicity of pericapillary fibrin cuff. Sarcoidosis, a multiorgan granulomatous disease, causes fibrin deposition in tissues. We report a case of a 50-year-old man with venous leg ulcers coexisting with sarcoidosis. On the basis of the histologic findings, we propose the(More)
BACKGROUND Jet-M is a device for epidermal peeling and is used to deliver substances by spraying air and microdroplets. Previously, a case was treated with a mixed solution of copper-GHK, oligo-hyaluronic acid, Rhodiola extract, tranexamic acid, and β-glucan. The results showed significant improvement of aged skin. AIMS This study was conducted to(More)
Vol. 28, No. 1, 2016 113 Received October 20, 2014, Revised February 6, 2015, Accepted for publication March 21, 2015 Corresponding author: Chang Hun Huh, Department of Dermatology, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, 82 Gumi-ro 173beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam 13620, Korea. Tel: 82-31-787-7313, Fax: 8231-787-4058, E-mail: This is(More)