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Influence of age and regional differences on skin elasticity as measured by the Cutometer®
Background/aim: Aging of skin is accompanied by decrease of skin elasticity. Using the noninvasive suction device Cutometer®, we evaluated the age and regional body differences of the viscoelasticExpand
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The role of facial sebum secretion in acne pathogenesis: facts and controversies.
Increased sebum secretion has been known as one of the major pathogenic factors in the development of acne; however, objective sebum measurement methods have been developed only recently. We haveExpand
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Application of a pigment measuring device – Mexameter®– for the differential diagnosis of vitiligo and nevus depigmentosus
Background/purpose: Vitiligo and nevus depigmentosus (ND) present similar hypopigmented macules with significantly different prognoses. Although the distinction between the two diseases is important,Expand
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The influences of skin visco‐elasticity, hydration level and aging on the formation of wrinkles: a comprehensive and objective approach
Various skin parameters including skin visco‐elasticity and hydration level affect the formation of wrinkles.
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Efficacy and safety of omalizumab in Japanese and Korean patients with refractory chronic spontaneous urticaria.
BACKGROUND Many patients with chronic spontaneous/idiopathic urticaria (CSU/CIU) do not respond adequately to treatment with non-sedating H1 antihistamines (H1AH). There are limited studies on use ofExpand
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Evaluation of facial skin type by sebum secretion: Discrepancies between subjective descriptions and sebum secretion
Background/aims: Facial skin is usually classified as dry, normal, and oily in the cosmetics field. However, there is no standard objective method for classifying facial skin.
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Cellular senescence induced loss of stem cell proportion in the skin in vitro.
BACKGROUND It is known that cellular senescence could affect culture results. A previous study on K19 found that the loss of stem cell proportion is the reason for difficulties experienced whenExpand
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Combination therapy of cyclosporine and methylprednisolone on severe alopecia areata
Background: Although systemic cyclosporine appears to be one of the treatment options for chronic severe alopecia areata (AA), the high recurrence rates after discontinuation and side effects makeExpand
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Regional and seasonal variations in facial sebum secretions: a proposal for the definition of combination skin type
Background/aims: Facial sebum secretions are known to change under various circumstances. Facial skin types have been categorized as oily, normal, dry, and combination types. However, these have beenExpand
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Epidemiology and comorbidities of patients with chronic urticaria in Korea: A nationwide population‐based study
Few population‐based studies have focused on the epidemiology and comorbidities of chronic urticaria (CU) or chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU). The objective of this study was to obtain informationExpand
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