Sang-Wook Seo

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In the moving of the mobile robot, the mobile robot acquires a map of its environment while simultaneously localizing itself relative to the map. Simultaneous localization ad mapping (SLAM) problems arise when the robot does not have access to a map of the environment, nor does it know its own pose. In this paper, we study the SLAM of mobile robot in the(More)
In distributed mobile robot systems, autonomous robots accomplish complicated tasks through intelligent cooperation with each other. This paper presents behavior learning and online distributed evolution for cooperative behavior of a group of autonomous robots. Learning and evolution capabilities are essential for a group of autonomous robots to adapt to(More)
In swarm robot systems, each robot must behaves by itself according to the its states and environments, and if necessary, must cooperates with other robots in order to carry out a given task. Therefore it is essential that each robot has both learning and evolution ability to adapt the dynamic environments. In this paper, reinforcement learning method with(More)
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