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The purpose of this study was to identify the functional fields activated in relation to gestural movements. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), we mapped brain activity in ten right-handed, normal volunteers during activation and control tasks. The activation condition consisted of pantomiming tool-use gestures with either the left hand or(More)
This paper addresses the problem of large-scale multiview registration of range images captured from unknown viewing directions. To reduce the computational burden, we separate the local problem of pairwise registration on neighboring views from the global problem of distribution of accumulated errors. We define the global problem as an optimization over(More)
This paper investigates the use of Euclidean invariants in the iterative closest point registration of range images. Invariants are used in a modiied distance function for the selection of point correspondences. Theoretical results show that under ideal conditions, using invariants can only improve the chance of a making correct correspondences. In(More)
This paper investigates the use of Euclidean invariant features in a generalization of iterative closest point registration of range images. Pointwise correspondences are chosen as the closest point with respect to a weighted linear combination of positional and feature distances. It is shown that under ideal noise-free conditions, correspondences formed(More)
We present a computational model and algorithm for detecting diffuse and specular interface reflections and some inter-reflections. Our color reflection model is based on the dichromatic model for dielectric materials and on a color space, called S space, formed with three orthogonal basis functions. We transform color pixels measured in RGB into the S(More)
Previously (Liu et al, Cancer Res., 56: 3371-3379, 1996), we isolated a novel serine protease-like gene--Normal Epithelial Cell Specific-1 (NES1)--that is expressed in normal mammary epithelial cells but is down-regulated in most breast cancer cell lines. Here, we demonstrate that stable expression of NES1 in the NES1-negative MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cell(More)
Most of the recent color recognition/indexing approaches concentrate on establishing invariance to illumination color to improve the utility of color recognition. However , other eeects caused by illumination pose and specularity on three-dimensional object surfaces have not received notable attention. We present a chromaticity recognition method that(More)