Sang-Won Yoon

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We report that defect-free Au nanowires show superplasticity on tensile deformation. Evidences from high-resolution electron microscopes indicated that the plastic deformation proceeds layer-by-layer in an atomically coherent fashion to a long distance. Furthermore, the stress-strain curve provides full interpretation of the deformation. After initial(More)
We investigated the microstructural evolution of Sn(96.4)Ag(2.8)Cu(0.8) solder through in situ heating transmission electron microscopy observations. As-soldered bump consisted of seven layers, containing the nanoeutectic lamella structure of AuSn and Au₅Sn phases, and the polygonal grains of AuSn₂ and AuSn₄, on Au-plated Cu bond pads. Here, we found that(More)
Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA) is a pulmonary disease with small prevalence. Exposure to aspergillus mold causes immunologic hypersensitivity and may cause ranges of symptoms from minimal to detrimental outcomes. Diagnosing and treating the disease before the development of bronchiectasis may save the patient from poor outcomes. This report(More)
AlxTi1-xN/CrN multilayer coatings were fabricated by magnetron sputtering and those hardness variations were studied by observing the crack propagation and measuring the chemical bonding state of nitrides by Ti addition. While AlN/CrN multilayer shown stair-like crack propagation, AlxTi1-xN/CrN multilayer illustrated straight crack propagation. Most(More)
The electrical transport of individual ZnO nanorod devices manufactured by focused ion beam (FIB) was investigated by the direct measurement of electrical resistance at electrode junctions of cross-sectioned devices using two nanoprobes. The cathodoluminescence (CL) measurements were also performed to evaluate the crystallinity at the center and edge of the(More)
AIN/CrN multilayer hard coatings with various bilayer thicknesses were fabricated by a reactive sputtering process. The microstructural and mechanical characterizations of multilayer coatings were investigated through transmission electron microscope (TEM) observations and the hardness measurements by nano indentation. In particular, the variation of(More)
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