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The demand on high speed Internet access has been rapidly growing due to various multimedia applications requiring high speed data transmission. WiMAX based on IEEE 802.16 standard is one of the most effective technologies among the existing solutions. With the current multicasting technique, the base station receives duplicated multicast IP datagrams via(More)
In multi-agent system the goal is achieved by the collaboration of the agents. The communication between the agents over the existing network infrastructure is typically 'best effort', and as a result, the agents might receive different QoS. In this paper we propose a scheme supporting fair QoS for all the agents in the system. It is achieved by sensing the(More)
Since 1971, 6$8 consecutive carotid endarterectojnies were performed in 612 patients in a commun.ity-based teaching hospital by 16 surgeons; 82% of the procedures were performed in patients who had suffered a transient ischemic attack, amaurosis fugax, or a previous stroke. Seven patients (1%) died, five of perioperative stroke and two of myocardial(More)
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