Sang-Won Lee

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Applications implement their own update protocols to ensure consistency of data on the file system. However, since current file systems provide only a preliminary ordering guarantee, notably fsync(), these update protocols become complex, slow, and error-prone. We present a new file system, CFS, that supports a native interface for applications to maintain(More)
Considering the current price gap between hard disk and flash memory SSD storages, for applications dealing with large-scale data, it will be economically more sensible to use flash memory drives to supplement disk drives rather than to replace them. This paper presents FaCE, which is a new low-overhead caching strategy that uses flash memory as an(More)
1. MOTIVATIONS NAND Flash memory solid state disk (hereafter SSD) technology is advancing rapidly in capacity and speed. Also, we envision that byte-addressable NVRAM devices, which is being thought as the future replacement of Flash memory technology will be commercially viable for storage within the next 3–7 years. Modern computer system takes(More)
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