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Desulfurization of diesel using ion-exchanged zeolites
Abstract As the restrictions by governments worldwide on lowering of sulfur content in transportation fuels are getting more stringent, the search for alternatives to conventionalExpand
Comparison of AgNO3/Clay and AgNO3/ALSG Sorbent for Ethylene Separation
Two π -complexation adsorbents, AgNO3/clay and AgNO3/ALSG, were prepared by dispersing AgNO3 on clay and aluminosilica substrate, respectively. Incipient wetness method was used in preparing theExpand
Adsorption Equilibrium of Ethane/Ethylene on $AgNO_{3}/clay$ Adsorbent
Adsorption isotherms of ethane and ethylene at 283 K, 298 K, 313 K, and 333 K, and binary adsorption equilib- ria at 298 K and 313 K were measured on an AgNO3/clay adsorbent. Since ethylene formsExpand
Reactive adsorption of sulfur compounds in diesel on nickel supported on mesoporous silica
Sulfur compounds in commercial diesel were selectively removed by reactive adsorption using metallic nickel nanoparticles supported on mesoporous silica. Nanosize nickel particles were supported onExpand
Surface status and size influences of nickel nanoparticles on sulfur compound adsorption
Metallic nickel nanoparticles were incorporated on mesoporous silica to remove sulfur compounds in diesel selectively. In the first method, nickel nanoparticles were formed on mesoporous silicaExpand
Highly selective adsorption of CO over CO2 in a Cu(I)-chelated porous organic polymer.
Cu(I) species were successfully chelated to nitrogen atoms in a nitrogen-rich porous organic polymer (SNW-1) by mixing with a CuCl solution (Scheme 1). Although pristine SNW-1 adsorbs CO2 better thanExpand
Adsorption Equilibrium and Dynamics of C4 Olefin/Paraffin on π‐Complexing Adsorbent
Abstract Ag+ ion impregnated clay as a newly developed adsorbent was studied for 1‐butene separation from n‐butane. Equilibrium adsorption isotherms of pure components were measured at theExpand
Adsorption and desorption characteristics of barium oxide at high temperature
Abstract Oxygen-selective adsorbents were prepared by two different methods, hydrothermal and sol–gel methods. The adsorption and desorption characteristics of these adsorbents were compared in termsExpand
Vacuum swing adsorption process for the separation of ethylene/ethane with AgNO3/clay adsorbent
The performance of the 4-bed and 3-bed VSA process using AgNO3/clay adsorbent for the ethylene separation from C2 fractionator feed (83.56% C2H4, 16.44% C2H6) was investigated experimentally andExpand