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[Purpose] We with respect to their effects on the compared hippotherapy with a horseback riding simulator (JOBA, Panasonic Inc. JP) static and dynamic balance of children with cerebral palsy (CP). [Subjects and Methods] Twenty-six children were randomly divided into two groups: a hippotherapy group that included 13 children, and a horseback riding simulator(More)
[Purpose] The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of trunk stabilization exercise on the muscle EMG activations related to core stability. [Subjects and Methods] Fifteen elderly people in a geriatric hospital performed trunk stabilization exercises with a Swiss ball for 20 minutes five times per week for 8 weeks. Trunk muscle activations(More)
[Purpose] To investigate the correlation between the effect treadmill exercise and change in serum proteins in rats with osteoarthritis, a study of proteins was carried out using a mass spectrometer. [Subjects and Methods] Rats were randomly divided into five groups. After 4 weeks of treadmill training, serum from each rat was analyzed by Liquid(More)
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