Sang Su Lee

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Autoimmune chronic pancreatitis is a disease characterized by diffuse swelling of the pancreas, irregular narrowing of the main pancreatic duct and elevated levels of serum IgG, and lymphoplasmacytic infiltration is observed on histologic examination. Steroid therapy can dramatically reverse the clinical symptoms and the histologic and radiologic findings.(More)
—The need to identify an approach that recommends items that match users' preferences within social networks has grown in tandem with the increasing number of items appearing within these networks. This research presents a novel technique for item recommendation within social networks that matches user and group interests over time. Users often tag items in(More)
PURPOSE The association between stomach cancer and colorectal cancer is controversial. The purpose of this study was to determine the synchronous prevalence of colorectal neoplasms in patients with stomach cancer. METHODS A total of 123 patients with stomach cancer (86 male) and 246 consecutive, age- and sex-matched persons without stomach cancer were(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to review the natural history, clinical outcome and safety in patients undergoing sartorius muscle flap (SMF) for groin infection, including lymphocele. MATERIALS AND METHODS We retrospectively reviewed the records of patients who underwent SMF in a single center between 2000 and 2009. RESULTS Thirty patients (17(More)
Renal artery aneurysm (RAA) is uncommon, and the coexistence of an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) is an extremely rare condition with potentially high life-threatening mortality in case of rupture. Aneurysms can be treated by endovascular intervention or open surgery. Although most of aneurysms are treated by endovascular intervention, open surgery is(More)
Portal vein (PV) thrombosis (PVT) is a rare condition with development of thrombosis in the PV and its branches. Further extension to the splenic and superior mesenteric vein (SMV) causes intestinal infarction, with a reported mortality of up to 50%. A variety of treatments for PVT exist including anticoagulation, thrombolysis, surgical thrombectomy,(More)