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OBJECTIVE The adolescent presentation of tethered cord syndrome (TCS) is well-recognized, but continues to pose significant diagnostic and management controversies. The authors conducted a retrospective study of clinical outcomes after surgical intervention in 24 school-aged children, adolescents, and young adults with TCS. METHODS All 83 patients with a(More)
In this study, the effect of Ag content (1.8 & 2.3 wt.%) on the electromigration lifetimes and microstructure evolution of Sn-Ag solder bumps were investigated at highly accelerated electromigration test conditions. Electromigration of solder joint under high current stressing has been an important concern of the reliabilities in solder joint system,(More)
High-speed ball shear test was investigated in terms of the effects of two test parameters, shear speed and shear height, with an experimental and computational simulation utilizing 3-dimensional non-linear finite element modeling for evaluating the solder joint integrity of ball grid array (BGA) packages. A representative Pb-free solder alloy, Sn–0.7Cu,(More)
Thermo-mechanical reliability of the solder bumped flip chip packages having underfill encapsulant was evaluated with thermal shock testing. In the initial reaction, the reaction product between the solder and Cu mini bump of chip side was Cu6Sn5 IMC layer, while the two phases which were (Cu,Ni)6Sn5 and (Ni,Cu)3Sn4 were formed between the solder and(More)
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