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Drug-assisted interviews are useful for psychiatric diagnosis and treatment. However, amobarbital, a typical medication used for this purpose, is associated with elevated risk of respiratory depression. Benzodiazepines are good substitutes for amobarbital, with similar therapeutic effects and fewer complications. Although drug-assisted interviews are not(More)
— Some of the key components are demonstrated to make three-dimensional (3-D) optical integrated circuits possible using polymers. Fabrication techniques of shadow reactive ion etching, shadow photolithography, and gray-level photolithog-raphy to produce complex 3-D integrated optic structures are demonstrated. Vertical waveguide bends exhibit excess losses(More)
A color filter incorporating a subwavelength patterned grating in a metal film perforated with a square array of circular apertures on a quartz substrate was accomplished. Its performance was enhanced by applying a dielectric overlay to the grating layer so as to match the refractive indices of the media on either side of it. The device was designed by(More)
Hybrid Si-LiNbO₃ electro-optic tunable ring resonators have been proposed and demonstrated as a path to achieving ultracompact and high-speed electro-optic devices. Free standing single crystal LiNbO₃ microplatelets (~mm long and ~1 μm thick) were obtained from a z-cut LiNbO₃ substrate by ion implantation and thermal treatment. The platelets were(More)
Nanostructure based color filtering has been considered an attractive replacement for current colorant pigmentation in the display technologies, in view of its increased efficiencies, ease of fabrication and eco-friendliness. For such structural filtering, iridescence relevant to its angular dependency, which poses a detrimental barrier to the practical(More)
Pyroelectric infrared (PIR) sensors are widely used as a presence trigger, but the analog output of PIR sensors depends on several other aspects, including the distance of the body from the PIR sensor, the direction and speed of movement, the body shape and gait. In this paper, we present an empirical study of human movement detection and identification(More)
Nanophotonic devices enabled by aluminum plasmonics are saliently advantageous in terms of their low cost, outstanding sustainability, and affordable volume production. We report, for the first time, aluminum plasmonics based highly transmissive polarization-independent subtractive color filters, which are fabricated just with single step electron-beam(More)
Ribbon plastic optical fiber (POF) linked four-channel optical transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx) modules have been proposed and realized featuring an excellent alignment tolerance. The two modules share a common configuration involving an optical sub-assembly (OSA) with vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs)/photodetectors (PDs), and their driver(More)
An ultra-small integrated photonic temperature sensor has been proposed and demonstrated which incorporates a silicon ring resonator linked to a vertical grating coupler. It was manufactured using a 0.18 μm standard CMOS process, rendering a homogeneous integration into other electrical/optical devices. The temperature variation was measured by monitoring(More)