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— To achieve better sound quality and to improve data reception, digital radio mondiale (DRM) offers a worldwide initiative to bring analog amplitude modulation (AM) radio into the digital era. DRM systems use coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (COFDM) modulation with a multilevel coding scheme to get high resistance to the multipath padding(More)
This paper proposes the design and VLSI implement of high efficient Context-based Adaptive Variable Length Coding (CAVLC) encoder which adopted a modified Variable Length Coding (VLC) look up table technique and parallel processing. The proposed CAVLC encoder used upper and under buffer as input buffer to perform zigzag scanning with both way ordering.(More)
—This paper describes the design and VLSI implementation of high throughput deblocking filter which adopted hybrid filtering order, single port memory, and hierarchical memory structure. The proposed deblocking filter used upper and left buffer. Because of this, the number of access to constructed picture memory can be reduced. Moreover, we design the(More)