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We report a novel method for rapid quantification of the degree of DNA methylation of a specific gene. Our method combined bisulfite-mediated PCR and quantification of deoxyribonucleoside monophosphate (dNMP) contents in the PCR product through capillary electrophoresis. A specific bisulfite-PCR product was enzymatically hydrolyzed to dNMP monomers which(More)
Prephenate dehydrogenase (PDH) is a bacterial enzyme that catalyzes conversion of prephenate to 4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate through the oxidative decarboxylation pathway for tyrosine biosynthesis. This enzymatic pathway exists in prokaryotes but is absent in mammals, indicating that it is a potential target for the development of new antibiotics. The crystal(More)
Quantification of trace amounts of DNA is a challenge in analytical applications where the concentration of a target DNA is very low or only limited amounts of samples are available for analysis. PCR-based methods including real-time PCR are highly sensitive and widely used for quantification of low-level DNA samples. However, ordinary PCR methods require(More)
A novel approach for quantitation of DNA (oligonucleotides) with an unprecedented accuracy of approximately 1% is reported. Quantitation of DNA is commonly performed by measuring UV absorption or fluorescence from dyes intercalated into DNA. Both methods need accurate quantitation standards to yield more comparable results between laboratories. For(More)
Various methods have been developed for quantitative analysis of DNA methylation. However, there is currently no reference analysis system regarding DNA methylation with which other analytical approaches can be compared and evaluated. A standard measurement system that includes reference methods and reference materials may improve comparability and(More)
The performance of thermal cyclers for polymerase chain reactions (PCR) is of great concern in terms of the reliability of PCR-based assays, particularly when rapid cycling conditions are applied to small volume reactions. In this work, the precision of the temperature controls during rapid thermal cycling was measured in 19 commercial thermal cyclers of 8(More)
We propose isotope-dilution mass spectrometry as a candidate reference method for determination of serum cortisol. The method uses liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS), interfaced with electrospray ionization, and selective monitoring of the [M + H]+ ions of cortisol and isotopically labeled cortisol. The isotope-dilution-liquid(More)
This article concerns the development and co-validation of a porcine insulin (pINS) certified reference material (CRM) produced by the National Institute of Metrology, People's Republic of China. Each CRM unit contained about 15 mg of purified solid pINS. The moisture content, amount of ignition residue, molecular mass, and purity of the pINS were measured.(More)
A condition for multiplex polymerase chain reactions (PCRs) of which outcomes sensitively indicate the actual annealing temperature of thermal cycling is reported. The multiplex reaction was designed to produce four different amplicons of 200, 300, 400, and 480 bp. However, the degree of amplification of each amplicon sensitively responds to a small change(More)
A novel sample pretreatment device is described, and its application to the concentration and purification of crude DNA samples in a flowing stream for subsequent capillary electrophoresis is demonstrated. The device consists of two gap junctions, each covered with a conductive membrane material and built upon a flow channel made of PEEK tubing. Upon the(More)