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We explore how internet browsing behavior varies between mobile devices and personal computers. Smaller screen sizes on mobile devices increase the cost to the user of reading information. In addition , a wider range of locations for mobile internet usage suggests that the offline context can be particularly important. Using data on user behavior at a(More)
W e quantify how user mobile Internet usage relates to unique characteristics of the mobile Internet. In particular , we focus on examining how the mobile-phone-based content generation behavior of users relates to content usage behavior. The key objective is to analyze whether there is a positive or negative interdependence between the two activities. We(More)
Different kinds of user-generated content are becoming available in mobile digital and web media settings as well spurred by the rapid advances in the cellular telephony market. We use a unique dataset of individual-level mobile records to study the nature of interdependencies between users' content generation and content usage behavior. While theories of(More)
Consumer adoption and usage of mobile communication and multimedia content services has been growing steadily over the past few years in many countries around the world. In this paper, we develop and estimate a dynamic structural model of user behavior and learning with regard to content generation and usage activities in mobile multi-media environments. We(More)
Drawing from the social and relational perspectives, this study offers an innovative conceptualization and operational approach regarding the validation of self-reported customer demographic data, which has become an essential corporate asset for harnessing business intelligence. Specifically, based on social network and homophily paradigms in which(More)